Master Calibration Kits

Our Master Calibration Kits are produced to provide our customers with the ultimate tool in Quality Control. Each kit contains a test block or blocks and the actual penetrator unit that was used to calibrate them. By matching specific blocks to a specific penetrator, a set relationship is established, and they can be eliminated as potential variables in the hardness test system. Should a problem arise, a master kit on hand allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether your hardness tester is the source.

Each block in our kits has been calibrated on a tester whose accuracy has been verified using N.I.S.T. traceable load and depth measuring devices. The individual test blocks are marked both with their own unique serial number AND the serial number of the penetrator in the kit. All of our kits come with their own polished wood case, and certified to all the applicable standards.

Description Part Number Purchase
C Scale Steel with C Diamond Penetrator 3 Blocks C2020 Login to buy it
B Scale Brass with 1/16" Ball Penetrator 3 Blocks C4020 Login to buy it
B Scale Brass with 1/8" Ball Diamond Penetrator 3 Blocks C4220 Login to buy it
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